School Automation

Smart-In School Management System is the most advanced school automation software in Pakistan. Parents get a SMS as soon as their child enters or exits their school and that’s just the start!
Features Include
Mobile App For Parents | Online Portal For Parents |Fees Module  |RFID Online Attendance | Auto SMS |Free Biometric Device


RFID Technology

Quick, safe and easy our state of the art RFID technology is embedded in your school ID card

SMS Notifications

Put the parents at ease and send them gate notifications as soon as the student enters or exits the school

No Infrastructure required

Harnessing the power of the cloud, you don’t have to bear any expensive infrastructure costs

Ease in Communication

Communicating with parents manually is a time consuming and costly process, we make it as easy as a click!

One click and every parent gets the message, only with SMS Blaster Technology!...

We gives parents peace of mind! help us activate this at your child's school....

Just Internet Required, access the cloud base system and starts working .

Why your school needs this system?

By using the Smart-In system, the school can maintain and track arrival and departure times of individual students, teachers and staff. In this way, any late arrivals and early departures as well as absenteeism can be monitored and tracked online.

For example, in case a student is left his house, but did not report arrival into the school premises on time, immediate action can be taken to locate his or her whereabouts.

Besides tracking in and out times, the system can also maintain every student’s daily, monthly, and yearly attendance data. The advantage of Smart-In system is that the admin does not have to be a technical expert to run it as because the software is very user friendly. Apart from daily attendance, the admin can also send various types of notification to the parents by our sms blaster service.

Student and teacher body can be classified in to groups and SMSes can be sent to an individual group. For example you can select the class 6 parent group and remind all parents of the class 6 students to send the field trip permission slips by tomorrow.

Smart-In also makes HR activities for schools better as attendance reports for teachers and staff members are generated through the online portal automatically, no more manual calculations of attendance.

Attendance is just the start, the Smart-In team is busy developing many more exciting modules like Library Management, Cafeteria Management, Grades and Reports and much more! We also create custom modules for schools for special requirements.

Analytic Dash Board

b. Attendance Dashboard c. Result Dashboard d. Fee Dashboard e. Accounts Dashboard (Optional) g. Reports

SMS Management

a. Schedule SMS to Parents & Students b. Schedule SMS to Staff c. Schedule SMS to Individuals d. Schedule Defaulter Alerts & Many more.. e. Setup Unlimited SMS Templates f. Setup Groups & Upload Members to Groups g. Reports

Student Management

a. Admission Manager b. Student Promotion c. Teacher Views d. Parents Registration e. Transport Management f. Student Ledger g. Reports

Result Management

a. Setup Exam Terms b. Marks Breakup Term & Subject Wise c. Prepare Result Subject Wise d. Setup Skills e. Prepare Result by Skills (Pre-school) f. Upload Result g. Reports

Staff Management

a. Staff Manager b. Manage Staff Salary c. Manage Staff Appraisal d. Manage Staff Allowances e. Manage Staff Deductions f. Staff Inspections g. Staff & Teacher Panel

Mibile App For Parents

Attendance Alerts for parents . Exam Alerts for Parents . Meeting Requests for Parents . Fees Alerts For Parents . Late Fees Alerts for parents . Birthday Alerts For Parents . Holidays Alerts . Others Mgs From Admin to Parents .


Fee Challan Printing . Parents Alerts for Fee Submission . Fee Receiving Management System . Pending Fees Reports /Graph dashboard . Late fee Fine . Fee Ledgers . Sending auto sms Alerts via sms/parents portal . Fees submission deadline .

Mobile App For Teachers

Teachers Can take the attendance via mobile App . Teachers can make their attendance via this App .

Attendance Management

a. Attendance Manager b. Manage Leaves (Students) c. Manage Leaves (Staff) d. Attendance (Students) e. Attendance (Staff) f. Attendance Register g. Attendance Reports h. School Timings . I .grace Periods .


1 Admin to control the branches . Segregation of branches according to Rights/Permission . Attractive dashboard for branches wise graphs . Admin can view all the branches data . Braches can only view their respective data . Reports .


We have over years of industry experience in providing integrated security solutions. We provide solutions to small, medium and large organizations meet their security and attendance needs. We have experience in providing standalone and enterprise solutions. We can integrate our solutions with HRMS, Payroll, ERP systems